For nearly 30 years Stonehealth Ltd, a family owned company, has been providing specialist systems and products designed to effectively clean surfaces and preserve original stonework.
The History of Stonehealth

One of our original Stonehealth signs

Stonehealth was set up by Brian Crowe in the 1980s as a supplier to the building, conservation and restoration trades. With a strong focus on using ethical and reliable products.

Stone cleaning has changed a lot in the past 30 years. This is, in part, due to Brian’s introduction of the gentle abrasive system, the Stonehealth TORC®  system (previously Jos). As well as, our DOFF®  superheated water cleaning system.

The success of the systems has seen our company expand over the years to the point where it had simply outgrown its centuries-old property in Dursley in Gloucestershire. We moved into a bright new 700m2 building on a nearby industrial estate where we’re constantly evolving in our new space.

Phil Ellis, the Technical Director, says: “Stonehealth is no longer a cottage industry but a growing corporate body.”

Stone cleaning before Stonehealth, had earned itself a poor reputation. Unskilled operators had managed to make a mess of buildings up and down the country with the inappropriate use of chemicals and sandblasting. As a result, many in the heritage sector had turned against any form of stone cleaning. We like to think we’ve helped change those feelings with our considerations to the sector.

Stonehealth advert, History of Stonehealth

Stonehealth advert in the Craftsmen, December 1994

Brian Crowe was described as the man who had cleaned up the stone cleaning industry.

Brian took ‘Jos’ straight into the lion’s den at a stone cleaning conference and exhibition in Edinburgh. Then he took it on tour, demonstrating it in Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, London and Edinburgh. The heritage sector was enthusiastic.

Stonehealth developed its own cleaning system under the name of TORC® , which incorporated improvements to the original Jos. This has continued to evolve over the years.

A second major breakthrough in low-pressure masonry cleaning came with the development of the DOFF®  superheated water system, with water up to 150ºC at the nozzle cleaning effectively and, again, without damage.

Phil Ellis was tasked with improving DOFF® . After consulting at length with customers, staff, and suppliers, the result is the new DOFF Integra, with its integral, lightweight all-in-one design making it easily transported and maneuvered. It has a quick release fuel can, non-drip pipes, built in fuel bunding, quick release water hoses and digital displays.

With the continuous developments in Stone Cleaning Technology and the recent release of our new DOFF®  Support Equipment (the DPU®  and the DOFF Pole), Stonehealth feel it is important to cast back every now and again to appreciate where the company all began and how far it has come along since.

Stonehealth take great pride in their Heritage and the entire team work together to retain the original company ethos of providing high quality products, professional consultancy services and unbeatable customer service to the cleaning Industry. For this reason, Stonehealth are about to embark on a new challenge that will have an incredible impact on the way in which things currently work. For Stonehealth customers this will mean reduced lead times, a higher level of quality control and huge leaps in product development…
Further information on these updates will soon be revealed!!
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