The DPU®  is an innovative product from Stonehealth designed specifically for use when mains electricity is not available.

The DPU®  is a unique solution which will work with any Stonehealth DOFF hotbox past, present or future! This unit replaces your existing electric pump.


Our plan and considerations

  • To produce a stand-alone diesel powered Power Pack which is capable of producing high-pressure water.
  • The unit should be easily site portable with wheels and capable of being loaded into a van or pick up
  • The unit should be narrow enough to fit through a normal pedestrian access
  • The unit should be electric start and stop from a single key switch
  • A sealed battery should be fitted
  • The Diesel should be designed to run at the minimum possible speed to keep noise &  emissions to the lowest level
  • The design should be compatible with all past and present Stonehealth Hotboxes

Next stage, design and build

Following extensive research, for a suitable engine unit we have selected a single cylinder electric start diesel engine with its own charging system.

For the pump, we opted for the belt driven version of our highly successful existing pump.

We extensively researched for a lightweight, dual voltage compact generator to minimise overall weight of the unit.

With the drive by pulleys and belts the aim was to run the diesel at the lowest speed possible in order to reduce the noise potential but still produce sufficient power.

We then developed a range of concepts, designs and prototypes, constantly refining the components and design to minimise the overall weight of the machine without compromising on features and performance. We followed an intensive programme of in-house and field testing on each change made to the unit.

What we’ve achieved with the DPU®  unit, everyone at Stonehealth is very proud of.

If you’d like to speak with one of the team to discuss the more technical aspects of the unit, or arrange a demo then please get in touch with us at

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