We have been supplying systems and consultancy to the building conservation and restoration industry for over 20 years.


Architects, surveyors, conservation bodies and building and restoration companies regularly call on our expertise in stone restoration and masonry cleaning and conservation.

Our involvement in a project as consultants can be independent of the use of our products i.e. it doesn’t necessarily mean our products will be used.

Advice on stone cleaning and restoration

We offer advice on the most appropriate and sensitive methods of cleaning and restoring stonework and brickwork.

Feasibility studies for stone cleaning

Our experience means we are often called on to carry out trials on sample areas of masonry. We then use the findings from those trials to create specifications for full projects.

Approved register of stone cleaning contractors

We maintain a register of approved stone cleaning contractors. These contractors have been through our training program and are using equipment supplied by us.

For project specifiers and project managers, we can connect you with suitable contractors and operators. Our referral will take into account the project size, location and degree of sensitivity and skills required.

Workshop and field engineers

We employ engineers who maintain and service our stone cleaning systems either on-site or in our workshop. We recommend systems are routinely checked and serviced, particularly before conducting tests or starting a new masonry cleaning project.

Stonehealth is a RIBA approved CPD provider.  Our CPD ‘The Cleaning of Building Masonry’ has been assessed as part of the RIBA Core Curriculum and is worth double points for RIBA Architects.

This seminar aims to help delegates:

  • Gain an understanding of different methods of cleaning masonry.
  • Learn about the cost of inappropriate specifications, procedure methods or contractors.
  • Learn how correct cleaning methods will actually conserve the integrity of the masonry / building.

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