Carb-Rid is a ready to use formulation developed specifically for the removal of carbon deposits, soilings and stains from masonry.


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Surfaces: Suitable for almost all external and internal masonry surfaces, particularly limestone, sandstone and artificial stone.


  • Mask or protect any sensitive areas of glass, decorative metal work, painted surfaces etc. Use recommended PPE for goggles, gloves and respirator suitable for dusts and fumes.
  • Brush away any major loose surface deposits with a stiff nylon tufted brush (not a ferrous wire brush).
  • Works should commence at the highest level and continue downwards in order not to contaminate previously cleaned surfaces. Ensure that any material residues do not block drains, gutters, down-pipes etc.
  • Pre-damp the surface with clean water.
    Open the tub and mix any surface liquid into the paste with a plastic, wooden spatula or stainless steel trowel. If the mixture is too thick to spread, thin carefully with a little clean water (possibly but not necessarily de-ionised) to achieve a spreadable paste. Apply approximately 2 to 4mm at a time depending upon the nature of the surface.
    Lay a polythene sheet or film over the wet Carb-Rid pasted areas, and affix securely, possibly taping over the edges to prevent premature drying out in hot weather or being washed off in heavy rain.
    Leave for approximately 24 to 96 hours ensuring that it is kept moist to allow the paste to remove the unwanted matter or to ‘draw out’ the stain. Check after 24 hours to ascertain how effectively the poultice is working just by raising the corner and then re-applying if necessary.
  • When paste is ready to be removed use a plastic or wooden scraper. Soften with water if necessary. Rinse away residues from treated surface with nylon brush/water or pressure water spray, until all residues are removed.
  • One or more treatments with Carb-Rid may be needed in cases of severe staining. Sometimes the first application may even look as though stains are stronger than they were prior to treatment. This is due to the poultice drawing out deeply embedded stains. These stains will normally be reduced with subsequent applications.

Consumption: At 3mm thick, 3Kgs will treat 1 M2 flat surface, allow extra if surface is decorative or uneven.
Warnings: Consider the weight of the poultice on fragile objects. Avoid contact with architectural metalwork.
Technical Data:  See and read MSDS Sheet.
Packing/Sizes: Available in 20Kg and 5KG containers

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