Here are some examples of our stone, masonry and brick cleaning products in action. If you’d like more details about a specific product or service, please get in touch.


BACCAH cleaning historic buildings the DOFF in Egypt

Our first customer in Egypt, BACCAH, has sent us some brilliant footage of them using the DOFF system to clean historical buildings in the country.

Clarke Restoration cleaning Sir Robert Ferguson (MP) statue

Sir Robert Ferguson’s statue is a focal point of Brooke Park in Derry, and Clarke Restoration recently cleaned it up with the DOFF superheated water system!

DOFF Demo in


A demo we’ve recently done with the DOFF in Brighton – cleaning pre-cast concrete, which had never before been cleaned!

DOFF removing paint from an abandoned swimming pool

Here is the DOFF removing paint from some glazed tiles at an abandoned pool, which has been derelict since 1986. It is at the University of Greenwich at Medway.

Cleanfilm at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre

Gentle stone cleaning of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre on even the finest of stone detail.

DOFF Compilation by Rosette Approved, Premier Window Cleaners

We’d like to thank the Rosette Approved, Premier Window Cleaners for sending a series of videos over of their work with the DOFF system.

Stone cleaning Bath Abbey
using TORC

Gentle stone cleaning of Bath Abbey using our TORC system, ensures the substrate is left intact.

Removing moss at
Pershore Abbey

Gentle moss removal at Pershore Abbey using our DOFF system, ensures the substrate is left intact.

Removing graffiti using TORC

Using our TORC system to carefully remove graffiti from marble.

Removing paint using DOFF

Removing paint from old lime render using DOFF system.

TORC – Carbon removal

Removing carbon from London stock using TORC system.

Cleaning stone using TORC

Removing layers of paint from limestone features after using DOFF.

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