The Stonehealth DOFF Superheated Water Cleaning System

The DOFF Power Unit or DPU is an innovative new product from Stonehealth designed specifically for use when mains electricity is not available. The DPU is a unique solution which will work with any Stonehealth DOFF hotbox past, present or future! This unit replaces your existing electric pump.

What does the DPU consist of?

The DPU consists of a completely bespoke unit with a modern, electric start, self-charging, air cooled diesel engine which belt drives the high pressure pump and also a 1.2kw alternator with 110 or 230V 50Hz output and overload cut-outs, more than sufficient to run the DOFF hotbox.

What will you benefit from?

With DPU you no longer require a bulky generator to run “off grid” and as long as you can supply water (only 5 litres/ min for a DOFF) you can realistically run from the back of a van for an hour on a 250 litre plastic tank. The DPU is completely self contained with its own diesel tank and sits in a purpose built tubular trolley with its own wheels for easy manoeuvring.

What you will get?

When you purchase the DOFF Integra System with the DOFF Power Unit we will include:

  • Delivery
  • Training for up to 4 operatives
  • 2 dedicated Jerry Cans
  • Quick release self-seal fuel connections
  • Digital Programming/temperature Readout
  • Hot work/warning light
  • Cooling down light to prevent scale build up
  • Emergency stop button
  • Blocked filter warning
  • Easy van loading wheels
  • Quick fit hoses
  • 2 x 15 metre hot hose
  • 1 gun
  • 1 short lance
  • 1 long lance
  • 2 DOFF nozzles
  • DOFF integra user guide in sealed tube
  • 25 litres of inhibited HCL DOFF Descaler
  • Smart water security coding
DOFF Recovery DRS System


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