Every day at Stonehealth we are faced with new questions but here are some of the questions we are asked on a regular basis…


What is a DOFF?

The DOFF system produces super-heated water and steam at a genuine 150 Degrees Celsius at the nozzle end.

DOFF will gently remove most modern paints, mastics, bitumen (sometimes with the assistance of paint softeners) and biological growth where the spores are killed off and will not re-grow. There is no need to use biocides when the DOFF has been correctly used as we are informed that any re-growth takes longer to return than when hazardous biocides are used.

What is a TORC? 

The TORC system is an improvement on and replaced the outdated JOS system which Stonehealth introduced into the UK back in the 1980s. The TORC is even more gentle and effective than JOS was.

Using a mixture of fine inert powder and very little water (less than 60 litres per hour), is developed into a gentle swirling vortex that will remove carbon, limescale, most lime and cement based paints from almost any building fabric, including stone, brick, terracotta, faience, glazed tiles and even wood without damage. In a trained Operators hands there is no gentler way of cleaning, even the use of fine nebulous sprays and gentle brushing can be more aggressive.

Where can I buy a DOFF or TORC cleaning system?

Stonehealth are the proud sole manufacturers of the DOFF and TORC cleaning systems. We have been supplying the DOFF and TORC machines for nearly 30 years to the cleaning and restoration industry.

We also have agents in the UK who supply our equipment for more specialist purposes.

  • Purple Rhino – Softwash Cleaning
  • Asbestoseal – Asbestos friendly cleaning

We are also interested in distributors and agents in all areas of the world, to supply our specialist stone cleaning equipment, cleaning chemicals and environmentally friendly surface treatments. 

If this may be of interest to you please get in touch with us at info@stonehealth.com

Where can I hire a DOFF or TORC cleaning system?

You cannot hire the DOFF or TORC systems unless you are registered with Stonehealth as a DOFF or TORC contractor. To become a contractor you must own the system(s) and undergo our Stonehealth induction training programme. With every new system purchase we carry out induction training for four operatives free of charge.

The ‘No hire’ policy was put in place by Stonehealth 4 years ago in order to protect our DOFF and TORC cleaning contractors. It also gives Architects, specifiers and the end client the confidence that their project is being carried out by a reputable company and a trained operative.

If you are already a Stonehealth DOFF or TORC contractor then you can hire additional machines on a weekly basis for when your workload demands it. Our hire fleet is on a first come first serve basis and so we recommend that you book your hire systems early to avoid disappointment.

Do you export worldwide?

Yes, Stonehealth have been exporting their systems worldwide for over 20 years. We are able to provide quotations for new machines including sea, air or road freight within 12 hours of receiving an enquiry.

Both of the DOFF and TORC systems can be built to suit all power requirements and our new DOFF Integra User Guide and Induction Video allow operators overseas to operate the equipment properly and safely.

How can I find a cleaning contractor near me?

Stonehealth maintains a list of all DOFF and TORC contractors who operate across the UK, Scotland and Ireland. If you need a list for a project please contact our office on 01453 540600 or email us we will send you a list of contractors who operate in your postcode area.

We also have the contractor’s page on our website which is currently undergoing some maintenance to make it more search friendly.

Last year we also launched our contractor’s page on our website, after receiving feedback from our contractors on how the site performs it is now undergoing further maintenance to make it more search and user friendly.

Every contractor who purchases a DOFF or TORC cleaning system are able to apply to be displayed on our contractors web page completely free of charge.

If you have a question for us that is not answered by any of the above then please do not hesitate to contact our office on 01453 540600.

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