Cleaning interior surfaces; Simply, Safely and Effectively. 

Clean-Film is a latex cleaning system for internal cleaning without the use of water.

Stonehealth are the sole suppliers of Clean-Film, the simple yet effective product is made up of a combination of natural latex and ammonia. The application and removal process is straightforward and can be carried out by a novice provided that the given instructions are followed and appropriate PPE is worn. Clean-Film latex has been on the market for many years and was developed and tested in order to achieve the best possible results whilst still being sensitive to the substrate.

Clean-Film is a cost-effective, relatively low maintenance and easily disposed of depending on whether it has been used to remove hazardous waste


The product is applied as a thick paste on to the dirty substrate, the unwanted layers of dirt are then absorbed by the chemical within 24-48 hours. This is indicated when Clean-Film turns into a translucent brown colour. Clean-Film can then be easily removed by peeling away from the now clean surface.

Stonehealth recommends the use of Clean-Film for many small-scale and domestic projects, it works brilliantly to bring back to life and clean up years of built up dirt, grime and soot from stone fireplaces, brick fireplaces, stone lintels and even stone floors. You can purchase Clean-Film from our online shop in either a 5kg or 17kg pale, Clean-Film has a good shelf life providing that the container is kept sealed and stored in a cool and dry environment.

Clean-Film has also been used on a number of large-scale projects including the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, in Stratford-upon-Avon.  Hirst Conservation breathed new life into the aged stone located in the Theatre and brought it back to its formal glory. They used Clean-Film on the finest of stone detail, leaving no damage to the substrate. To see a video demonstration of how Clean-film was used at the Theatre, click here. 

Clean-film was also recently used to clean Manchester Cathedral by MK Rooney Services. The nineteenth-century reconstruction of Manchester Cathedral in 1881 used red sandstone from Cheshire. The new sandstone, whilst remaining crisp, its abundant detail had become very dirty over the years and needed a good, yet sensitive clean.

The work began in April 2017 and completed in June 2017 with the use of Clean-Film, Manchester Cathedral’s finer detail can now be fully appreciated again by all. MK Rooney Services were asked what they thought of the product:

We used Clean-film to clean Manchester cathedral. The project was to clean the full main nave of the Cathedral from the windows to the pillars. Clean-film brought the stonework back to its former glory! Clean-film is a fantastic product to work with and gives superb results, I look forward to using this product on many more projects in the future.

Martin, MK Rooney Decorating Services.

With special thanks to the architect who oversaw the project, John Prichard of Lloyd Evan Prichard architects.


For more information on the project, please click here 

Clean-Film has also been used on many other notable buildings such as; The House of Lords, The Guildhall in London, The Crypt in Saint Pauls Cathedral, London, Peterborough Cathedral (after a fire) and many other projects around the country.

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