We maintain an approved list of stone cleaning and brick cleaning contractors who have been trained on our systems and are using genuine Stonehealth products.


The DOFF and TORC systems are regularly specified as the preferred method of cleaning and so Stonehealth operates a list of approved contractors.  We keep records of all of the contractors who have our systems; however our list goes further than that.

A Stonehealth Rosette Approved Contractor meets certain minimum standards; all operators will have undergone Stonehealth’s own in house induction, machines are serviced at least once a year to ensure that they are performing at optimum levels and customers must use genuine spares; the operators need to provide satisfactory, independent, testimonials on the standard of their work.  Torc contractors are obliged to only use Stonehealth Approved granulates. Because of these standards, we believe that Architects, Conservation Officers and all other Specifiers can be confident that a Rosette Approved contractor is the contractor of choice.

To further enhance this list and to protect our professional customer base, Stonehealth will only hire out machines to contractors who already have genuine Torc and Doff systems.

We suggest that you ask to see a contractors Rosette ID card and if they do not have one, always check with us before awarding work so that you can be sure these are bona fide contractors with the right equipment and training.

If you need to find a contractor you can use the directory below.  If you need any further information please contact our office.

Stonehealth Approved Rosettes for DOFF and TORC Stone Cleaning Systems

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