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Cleaning with Integrity
Providing specialist systems, designed to effectively clean surfaces and preserve the original stonework.
Market-leading Cleaning Systems
Our systems have been used for large-scale projects, including Westminster Abbey, Oxford University, and the Tower of London.

Products and consultancy for sensitive stonework restoration and conservation

Our expertise and systems are relied on by architects and building restoration companies across the UK for innovative and effective stone cleaning and masonry restoration.
We maintain an approved list of stone cleaning companies who have received our training and are using genuine systems.

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  • Paint coatings
  • Certain types of graffiti
  • Bird or vermin fouling
  • Algae, moss, fungi
  • Other biological matter
  • Wax coatings

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  • Carbon sulphating
  • Lime & cement-based paints
  • Paint residues
  • Some old oil based paints
  • Bitumen
  • Lime scale

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  • Carbon pollution
  • Smoke marks
  • Smoke soiling
  • Dirt
  • Without using water
  • From internal surfaces
The Stonehealth DOFF Cleaning System

The Stonehealth DOFF Cleaning System

The DOFF is an expertly engineered system that utilises a normal water supply to remove some of the more resistant forms of dirt or markings from a range of surfaces.

The water supply is fed into a hot-box where it is subjected to temperatures as high as 150℃. The resultant heated water, or vapour, is then filtered through the heat resistant hoses to the nozzle at a rate of between 3 to 10 litres per minute.

Once cleaned, the surface dries within minutes to prevent any long-term damage as a result of trapped moisture.

“If you want a medical analogy for the DOFF it’s like the difference between leaches and penicillin!”
Gary Stapleton, Chairman of the Victoria Cross Trust

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The TORC system is an evolution of the original Jos system, with its most distinctive feature being the revolving nozzle – creating a gentle swirling vortex to offset the concentration of the water and granulate mix.

The powder used is an inert substance that is applied with water simultaneously to achieve a ‘gentle clean’.

Its ability to effectively clean surfaces is largely due to the innovation of nozzle, rather than the granulate running through it.

TORC Stone Cleaning System
Cleanfilm Stone Cleaning Latex Paste

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Clean-Film is a latex cleaning paste that is applied to the target area and, once left for a 24-48 hour period, can be peeled off – removing all dirt in the process.

It is made up of a combination of natural latex and ammonia. Once the film is removed, the ammonia evaporates from the surface without leaving behind any residue.

There are no special arrangements that need to be made for its disposal, as it can be done at landfill sites.

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One of our customers, JKE Services, used the DOFF System to get rid of some barnacles stuck to the bottom of the boat. For a tough job like this, the DOFF excelled. Using its low pressure steaming and the right technique, the barnacles were gently prised off of the... read more


Westminster Abbey   |   Oxford University   |   Tower of London   |   St Pancras Station   |   The Albert Memorial   |   Canterbury Cathedral   |   Cambridge University

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Our systems have been used for large-scale projects, including Westminster Abbey, Oxford University, and the Tower of London.


Kafften Limited has enjoyed a close working relationship with Stonehealth for many years, not only for the supply of specialist equipment and materials, but also for providing bespoke training.  Their professionalism and attention to detail is second to none.  Their office staff are always helpful and polite and willing to go the extra mile to ensure they provide exactly what is required, when it is required.  Long may it continue!


Financial Director, Kafften Limited

We have worked with Stonehealth since we started up and the help and support we get from them is invaluable and gone a long way towards making us the professional / successful company we are today.


Director, Coatings and Blastings Ltd

As someone with a long, proven, record working on the repair and restoration of historic masonry, I have been working with Stonehealth Ltd from the time that they first launched the Jos system into the UK during the 1980’s. Since then I have seen the introduction of the Doff and the Torc systems (which superseded Jos). The company’s experience and knowledge of masonry cleaning, in particular brickwork, has been most useful to myself and the many clients I have had occasion to refer them to. Whilst Stonehealth Ltd do not carry out contractual work they will arrange for supervised trials, produce reports, and assist architects and other specifiers with preparing masonry cleaning specifications. I have no hesitation in recommending this reliable professional organisation who have high standards and an impeccable reputation.


Conservation Expert, The Red Mason


We have been supplying systems and consultancy to the building conservation
and restoration industry for over 20 years.

Architects, surveyors, conservation bodies and building and restoration companies regularly call on our expertise in stone restoration and masonry cleaning and conservation. Our involvement in a project as consultants can be independent of the use of our products i.e. it doesn’t necessarily mean our products will be used.

Advice on Stone Cleaning and Restoration

We offer advice on the most appropriate and sensitive methods of cleaning and restoring stonework and brickwork.

Feasibility Studies for Stone Cleaning

Our experience means we are often called on to carry out trials on sample areas of masonry. We then use the findings from those trials to create specifications for full projects.

Approved Register of Stone Cleaning Contractors

We maintain a register of approved stone cleaning contractors. These contractors have been though our training program and are using equipment supplied by us.

Workshop and Field Engineers

We employ engineers who maintain and service our stone cleaning systems either on-site or in our workshop.

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